Thrown together from various musical backgrounds, MIDDLE:6 offer a perfect blend of high quality cover songs and good old fun. With a set list covering everything from punk to modern pop, including acts such as Train, Blondie, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, MIDDLE:6 guarantee a fun, foot-stomping evening wherever they play.

Their fun, and somewhat quirky, approach to delivering quality covers set them apart from the more 'serious' covers bands, who go to geat lengths to emulate the original sounds of the bands and songs they cover. Middle:6 have a different approach and focus on performing their own versions of well known classic songs in a manner that keeps the original spirit and soul of a song, but with a massive dollop of fun, energy, 3-part harmony and excellent musicianship.

  MIDDLE:6 have absolutely no fronts or pretentiousness about what they do. They believe that there is no such thing as a bad audience (or even a bad gig) and can often be seen strutting their musical stuff around Beeston and the surrounding area, performing at all manner of events from pub gigs, private parties and weddings to youth events and even school discos!!

  After a stonking performance at the Beeston Carnival this year, Middle:6 are looking forward to a busy gig calendar. If you'd like their unique and fun-filled brand of much-loved covers at your event, then click the 'BOOK US!' link above.

Beeston Carnival 2017

Beston Carnival 2017 kicked off this year with a rousing performance by Middle:6, setting the crowd up for the arrival of the Carnival Parade.

Throwing such gems as 'And She Was,' 'I Wish,' 'Take Your Mama' and 'Go Your Own Way' into the mix, the band got a fantstic response from the carnival goers, with a fair bit of dancing and acrobatics from some of the assembled!

Keep an eye out for the next gig! 

A Bit Of Chop And Change

There's been one or two changes within Middle:6 over the last year or so. The band lost a vocalist, but gained a new, full-time guitarist in the form of "Young Pete."

Pete has already gigged with most of Middle:6, as part of local band Anteloup, and enjoyed the odd "guest slot" as part of Middle:6, jumping in every now and then, and filling in for Luis when someone booked a gig on the night he and his wife were expecting their second child!!

Now a fully-fledged member of the band a lot of the songs were re-worked to take advantage of the additional guitar and really work some fuller guitar fills and solos.

"We've not really got a 'lead guitarist,' as such." Commented Luis. "Pete and I generally take it in turns to pick up guitar solos and leads for new songs, which is good as we both get a chance to listen to each other, while also getting a bit of a hero slot!"

"Our styles are totally different, too. Pete has a very disciplined, rehearsed approach to his solos, whereas I tend to have a plan and then pay around it. Listen to Pete's solos on American Girl - every time is a perfectly-executed example of a solo. Then listen to my solos in Go Your Own Way. Never the same one twice! (laughs). I suppose it gives us that little bit of a quirky edge. Although Jez and Ally never know when to start singing when I'm soloing...."

If you want to hea this for yourself, then check out the upcoming gigs around Beeston.

Wearing The Crown

Middle:6 always look forward to the Oxjam Beeston Takeover festival. Since their first Oxjam gig three years ago, playing to an almost empty Commercial Inn, the band have managed to build up a bit of a local following, and this looks to have grown substantially if the response from their recent set is anything to go by!

The band had the last slot at The Crown Inn, so there was already a teeming crowd, eager for more music. As The Crown is a CAMRA award-winning pub, it's fair to say that the audience were well-lubricated and Middle:6's recipe for fun covers was an ideal accompaniment.

Kicking off with Your Love Keeps Lifting Me by Jackie WIlson they led the crowd through a huge variety of fun, uplifting songs, including Happy (Pharrell Williams), Take Your Mama (Scissor Sisters), Upside Down (Paloma Faith) and Call Me (Blondie). The area in front of the band got fuller, with more and more revellers strutting their funky stuff (especially to Wild Cherry's 'Play That Funky Music'!!) and the band got a little bit louder. Well, it seemed the right thing to do..

Feedback was excellent and the band are now looking forward to a busy gig calendar, including some free gigs. There's a little bit of a talk of a Christmas special...

And is there a rumour of Middle:6 opening a beer festival next year? Nothing confirmed yet (according to frontman Jez Barnard), but there are discussions. Something else to look forward to next year.

Middle:6 at Oxjam 2014

Middle:6 are well-chuffed at being asked to play at this year's Oxjam Beeston Takeover. This is the third time the Beeston-based covers band have played the event, and they always get a great response from the crowd.

This year they will be gracing The Crown Inn on Church Street from 5.10pm and bringing their own take on well-known songs like Call Me (Blondie), I Wish (Stevie Wonder), Drive By (Train) and many others.

This is a free gig, so come along to one of Beeston's CAMRA Award-Winning pubs, have a drink and enjoy a great day of music!

Nottingham Academy Gig

Middle:6 will be bringing their select brand of covers to the Nottingham Academy this June when they headline the inaugral Nottingham Academy Music Festival.

There will be a variety of performers, ranging from classical musicians to vocalists, across a variety of age ranges. At the end of their set, which closes the festival, Middle:6 will be joined by the Academy Choir to send everyone off home with a monumental rendition of Rockin' All Over The World - a song that may even be older than some choir members' parents!

Here's a sneaky-peek at the set list (which may well change a bit):
Forget You (Ceelo Green) 
Happy (Pharrel Williams)
Payphone (Maroon 5)
Valerie (Ronson/Whitehouse)
Loveshack (B52s)
Dance With Me Tonight (Olly Murs)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
I'm A Believer (The Monkees)
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher (Jackie Wilson)
Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)
Mercy (Duffy)
Beatles Medley (The Beatles)
Rockin All Over the World (Status Quo)

Round Hill Gig (another one)

Again, Middle:6 were conscripted to play at another RHA event at Round Hill. Not that they mind - the crowd are dancefloor maniacs, the atmosphere is great, they can be as loud as they like and there's a free bar for the band! Enough said, really.

The event was for a charity quiz night, so the band got together and formed a team. At the half-way point (start of Set #1) the band were actually 6 points ahead of 2nd place. Had it not been for the fact that there was a picture round while they were performing they may well have won!

As the gig was so close to the White Lion event, the guys decided to rock out the same set list, with a laid-back front half, followed up by the louder, rockier, dancier numbers to get the crown jumping. And boy did they jump! A close call with a rampant reveller and a mic stand nearly put paid to Luis' pint, but, luckily, they managed to regain balance before causing any mayhem. A wink and a smile later and all was back on track.

The band love doing the Round Hill events, largely due to a fantastic audience who never fail to get stuck in and have fun. Looking forward to the next one, definitely!

White Lion Gig

Middle:6 put on a free gig at the White Lion in Beeston on March 13th and got a huge response from the crowd - as well as a few more gigs!

Sporting a slightly updated set list, which included great dancefloor fillers like "Your Love Keeps Liftin' Me Higher" and "Love Shack", they started off with a nice, relaxing first set to ease the revellers in, before pulling out the more dancey songs in the second set. 

Landlord Sergio was well impressed and has plans for Middle:6 to take up a more regular residency at The White Lion, so keep your eyes open more more gigs.

Here's the Set List:
Take It Easy (The Eagles)
Mercy (Duffy)
Valerie (Ronson/Winehouse)
Take Your Mama (Scissor Sisters)
Drive By (Train)
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers)
Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
Payphone (Maroon 5)
And She Was (Talking Heads)

Upside Down (Paloma Faith)
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Jackie Wilson)
Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)
One Way Or Another/Teenage Kicks (One Direction)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)
I'm A Believer (The Monkees)
Stuck In The Middle (Stealer's Wheel)
Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley)
Doom And Gloom (The Rolling Stones)
Call Me (Blondie)
Beatles Medley (The Beatles.. obviously!)


Stomping Good Fun At Charity Event

Middle:6 put on a stonking good show to the guests of the Matt Garrett Charity Event on 1st Feb, The ticket-only function was sold out, with over 150 guests who came along to support the charity and enjoy the show.

The crowd were warmed up with a superbly-harmonised cover of Take It Easy, before they flooded the dance-floor to the Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse version of Valerie. From then on the floor was packed.

Including classics, like 20th Century Boy (T-Rex), I'm A Believer (The Monkees) and I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles), and some new songs, such as Drive By (Train) and Upside Down (Paloma Faith), the band unleashed some new additions to their repertoir - And She Was (Talking Heads), Doom And Gloom (The Rolling Stones), I Wish (Stevie Wonder) and Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry).

The mix of old and new songs, across a number of different genres ensured that there was something for everyone at this gig, although the most popular number was Call Me (Blondie) which received very vocal approvement from the dance-floor when the intro started.

Here's the full set list:

Take It Easy
And She Was
Take Your Mama
I Wish
Upside Down
Drive By
Play That Funky Music
Doom and Gloom
Call Me
I'm A Believer
I Saw Her Standing There
T Rex 20th Century boy


New Band Members

Middle:6 welcome 2 new band members, in the form of Pete Gould and Keli Wain.

Pete joins the band as (another) guitarist and weilds his trusty Les Paul like a scythe to a corn crop. Bringing in a wide range of sounds and techniques, he adds a huge dollop of charm and drive to the ever-growing set list.

Keli joins us an accomplished vocalist, with a background in musical theatre and Elvis impressions. Her chocolate-like, bluesy tones add sophistication and a sultry ember to the ensemble. And she also has a very nice quiff!

Middle:6 Playing Oxjam 2011
The whole band are getting really excited and our rehearsals are a total scream at the moment. [Read More...]
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