A Bit Of Chop And Change

There's been one or two changes within Middle:6 over the last year or so. The band lost a vocalist, but gained a new, full-time guitarist in the form of "Young Pete."

Pete has already gigged with most of Middle:6, as part of local band Anteloup, and enjoyed the odd "guest slot" as part of Middle:6, jumping in every now and then, and filling in for Luis when someone booked a gig on the night he and his wife were expecting their second child!!

Now a fully-fledged member of the band a lot of the songs were re-worked to take advantage of the additional guitar and really work some fuller guitar fills and solos.

"We've not really got a 'lead guitarist,' as such." Commented Luis. "Pete and I generally take it in turns to pick up guitar solos and leads for new songs, which is good as we both get a chance to listen to each other, while also getting a bit of a hero slot!"

"Our styles are totally different, too. Pete has a very disciplined, rehearsed approach to his solos, whereas I tend to have a plan and then pay around it. Listen to Pete's solos on American Girl - every time is a perfectly-executed example of a solo. Then listen to my solos in Go Your Own Way. Never the same one twice! (laughs). I suppose it gives us that little bit of a quirky edge. Although Jez and Ally never know when to start singing when I'm soloing...."

If you want to hea this for yourself, then check out the upcoming gigs around Beeston.

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