Round Hill Gig (another one)

Again, Middle:6 were conscripted to play at another RHA event at Round Hill. Not that they mind - the crowd are dancefloor maniacs, the atmosphere is great, they can be as loud as they like and there's a free bar for the band! Enough said, really.

The event was for a charity quiz night, so the band got together and formed a team. At the half-way point (start of Set #1) the band were actually 6 points ahead of 2nd place. Had it not been for the fact that there was a picture round while they were performing they may well have won!

As the gig was so close to the White Lion event, the guys decided to rock out the same set list, with a laid-back front half, followed up by the louder, rockier, dancier numbers to get the crown jumping. And boy did they jump! A close call with a rampant reveller and a mic stand nearly put paid to Luis' pint, but, luckily, they managed to regain balance before causing any mayhem. A wink and a smile later and all was back on track.

The band love doing the Round Hill events, largely due to a fantastic audience who never fail to get stuck in and have fun. Looking forward to the next one, definitely!

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