Middle:6 Playing Oxjam 2011

In readiness for the up and coming Oxjam Beeston takeover on the 22nd Oct Local band MIDDLE:6 have been polishing their set. I stumbled across their guitarist, Luis, in the pub and managed to get some info:

BP: I take it you're all looking forward to the event?

L: Totally. The whole band are getting really excited and our rehearsals are a total scream at the moment.

BP: Tell me a little about the band.

L: Well, there's six of us (hence the name) and we've been performing together for a few years now.

BP: Who are the band members?

L: Me (ld guitar), Jez (ac guitar/vocals), DaveM (rh guitar/vocals), Pat (bass), Ally (vocals), DaveB (drums)

BP: What sort of music can we expect?

L: Currently we're in 'covers mode', so expect a lot of songs you're familiar with. Anything from The Beatles to The Undertones is fair game, but all numbers are designed to get you stomping your feet.

BP: Can you give us a bit more?

L: OK, I Saw Her Standing There, Honky-Tonk Women and a bit of The Zutons will be evident on the day. The rest is a surprise.

BP: Sounds like fun. Any plans for future gigs?

L: Yes. I can exclusively reveal that we have offered the Commercial a free gig in the not-too-distant future and Damian (landlord) is well up for it. So watch this space.

BP: Excellent. Have you got a website

L: Just. It's only just gone up!

BP: Thanks very much. Can I get you a pint?

L: Go on then..

MIDDLE:6 are kicking off the Commercial event at 12noon on the 22nd, so go along to see them, along with Satisfied Minds, Ghost Town and Stuck In 2nd.

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